RW Alves is a fat white queer femme yoga therapist, yoga teacher trainer, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner whose teachings promote accessibility, inclusion, social justice, body positivity, resilience, trauma healing, self-inquiry, community building, unconditional self-acceptance, personal and community transformation, and self- and community-care. She works at the intersections of social justice, spiritual practice, and healing justice by developing curriculum, training and mentoring yoga teachers and yoga therapists, creating spaces for self-care and community-care for activists, and teaching about inclusive languaging and teaching, trauma-informed yoga, nervous system resilience, accessible asana, social justice, diversity, privilege, yoga, and spiritual practice. She is Faculty with Off the Mat, Into the World and a founding trainer with Bending Towards Justice, which provides diversity, anti-oppression, and social justice trainings for yoga teachers and practitioners around the country.

RW believes that self-care and community-care, when combined with committed self-inquiry, analysis of power structures, and engagement in community work, can be deeply radical acts. She sees yoga, somatics, and embodiment and spiritual practices as tools for social justice, trauma healing, resilience, community building, and personal and community transformation, and loves training teachers to make the healing and transformative power of yoga, somatics, embodiment, and spiritual practice more accessible and welcoming for a broader range of people and bodies. She is passionate about exploring and unearthing the connections and interweavings between social injustice, trauma, social justice, and resilience, and she believes deeply in the power of practice to ground, sustain, and inspire us in our important and world-changing work.