"[this] trauma-informed yoga workshop really blew my mind. It gave me a framework for understanding my work in the Middle East, but also for understanding how to have compassion for anyone who’s experienced trauma.”
-Ruthie G. (Director of Kula Yoga & Wellness)
"Hala’s Trauma-Informed Yoga workshop gave me invaluable tools for teaching in a woman’s prison through Yoga Behind Bars. I feel I am able to give them so much more. I feel more centered and skilled in my teaching at the prison. It is a gift of tools I am able to pass on to them which they so appreciate. This not only nourishes them but it nourishes me. I am very grateful for the workshop and Hala."
-Lydia W.
"I attended Hala's workshop to further my teaching practice... when finishing, I felt a strong sense that the study of trauma informed yoga should be the 'new wave' of teaching regardless of the populace one is instructing. To have this body of information among the tools amassed for my practice has been a great gift for my students... Thank you again Hala for sharing this imperative information to teachers like myself, who have a strong draw and calling to teach in these communities.  It's working!"
- Sarah W.